OLKT Integrity Awards involves organizing a talent show that targets secondary school students whereby the best student in each of the six categories (dance, music, poetry, acting, comedy & spoken word) will be recruited to be an OLKT Campaign Ambassador for a period of one year where he/she will be required to spread the message of peace, love and cohesion. On top of that, the winners will be awarded several gifts including scholarships.

OLKT offers a wide range of mentoring solutions. Led by Wyre and supported by other artists like MC Allandoz, & Refigah (CEO Grandpa Records). Our solutions include mentoring consulting and training services, program planning workshops, program implementation assistance, and talent mentoring in dance, music, poetry, acting, comedy & spoken word to help up and coming artists launch and maintain successful careers.

OLKT’s team have all undergone valuable conflict transformation and peace building skills and techniques. The training has empowered them to assume a peace building role in schools and communities they live in while providing them with the necessary tools needed to apply key peace building concepts. They’ve also developed skills in conflict resolution, nonviolence, problem solving, negotiation and mediation techniques.

OLKT regularly holds concerts in secondary schools across the country to provide a fun & unique opportunity for the students and the community to come together in support of this great cause. Music brings pleasure, calm, and satisfaction to our lives. Rhymes and repetitions sharpen memory and aid in the development of language and literacy. Students also learn about culture and history through the exploration of music.